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Many people today are deeply troubled about their future including the threat of war; social and economic upheaval and deteriorating international relations.

This creates feelings of anxiety about the future, which leaves us wondering, “What does the future hold?”.

Your invited on the journey of a lifetime, to travel to ancient civilisations to understand the significance of current global events, which shape how our future unfolds.

This series of events are free and not to be missed!

Back To The Future
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First of all

Guided Bible Studies

Our detailed and insightful Bible studies will help you understand the Scriptures and deepen your faith.

Not to mention

Sermons and Teachings

Listen to inspiring sermons and teachings from previously recorded live sermons to enhance your Bible learning.

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opened book on brown wooden table

And let's not forget

Learning Resources

We are building a collection of audio and video resources, including Bible lessons and workshops, to enrich your knowledge of the Bible.

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